Our latest Innovation Weekend

UN SDG No. 10 Reduced Inequalities

happened at 5-7 October in Gothenburg.

Stay tuned for the next event to be announced!

We all live on this planet.

Everyone, exactly everyone is dependent on each other and what our planet gives us. 

We gather companies and organizations that all have something to do with or want to work with Reducing Inequalities and connect them to you, as a student, to help them and in turn help yourself to reforge our civilization to a better one.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams to find sustainable solutions to the challenges.


For three (3) intensive days students work on an idea or concept product from a partner company that has something to do with Reduced Inequalities.


Students are supported by expert innovation facilitators crash course in innovation processes and tools. At the end of the three days the students build a prototype that they can test together with the challenger.

What you do as a student:

  • Work with real project

  • To create real value and opportunities

  • With a real organization

  • With a real team

  • Build a great prototype

What You Gain as a Student:

  • The opportunity to make a positive impact with a company

  • Work experience for your resume

  • Valuable connections for the future

  • Experience in realizing an idea

  • Knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurial processes

And afterwards?

If you and your team want to continue to work on your project as many other students have done before we offer continued innovation support for up to 6 months. This is your true chance to create real value both for yourself and others. 

How To Participate as a Student

Phone Interview

You will be contacted for a short phone interview.


Students are matched into innovative teams based on competence, leadership abilities, team work, interest and passions.

Innovation Weekend

You and your team work for three (3) days to find, frame and present a solution for your partner organization.

Create real value!
Get a Team

If you are selected you will be matched into a diverse team of four (4) students.

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Black Dot collaborates with the EU Funded project Challenge-based Knowledge-driven Innovation, which aims to increase collaboration between students and small or medium-sized enterprises. to foster growth and innovation.

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