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In the last years there have been and increasing interest in LegalTech, that is the application of IT methods, techniques and tools to the (partial or total) automation concerning handling of normative documents.


In this area, IT may help to reduce the burden of drafting, management and analysis of normative documents.

Gerardo Schneider
Dedvatt Dubhashi
Selim Stahl
Idea area
Legal Tech
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Voluntary driving force for the project



The recent advances in AI/ML, NLP, and on the formalization of normative documents have the potential to advance the state-of-practice in this domain. The idea could be used in different ways. they explain in what follows just a couple of interesting possibilities.


One possibility is to have a cloud-based system where customers upload their documents to be analyzed. This could be done via generic or customized queries. Also, it could be possible to help the customer to draft a contract based on an existing database of templates. they could also offer a versioning system to help customers to keep track of different versions of their documents.



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